Cirrhosis treated with Interventional Radiology

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The liver is one of the essential organs of the body as it filters waste materials from the blood. The development of scars on the internal or external walls of the liver due to chronic diseases is called cirrhosis. In this condition, healthy tissues or damaged tissues of the liver are replaced by the scarred and destroyed tissues. In extreme cases, cirrhosis can lead to lesion formation on the liver tissues. The causes which commonly result in cirrhosis are the hepatitis C virus, fatty liver disease, and alcoholism. The patients who are facing cirrhosis are at high risk of liver cancer.

Jaundice can also be a symptom of cirrhosis. Jaundice is a not-so-rare condition in which your skin and white areas of your eyes become yellowish. The patient will also experience extreme fatigue, weakness, and itching.
The factors which make the cirrhosis more complicated are deteriorating brain function, high blood pressure, the build-up of fluid in the abdomen, progressive kidney failure, vein bleeding or rupturing, and infection.
The patient cannot experience the symptoms if the cirrhosis is at its early stages. If this is the case, the person can be diagnosed with cirrhosis if he has undergone testing for some other condition. Well, the best diagnosing of cirrhosis is done by biopsy.
If the doctor is treating the cirrhosis, fortunately, the progression of the cirrhosis can be slowed down in your body. Timely treatment is essential for curing cirrhosis as it can also help in reducing the risk of liver cancer. The doctor can even manage the complications, which are linked with the disease, by using interventional techniques. The interventional medical imaging techniques involve radiological image guidance procedures like CT and MRI.
If these treatments are not working, the only option which is available for the well-being of the patient is a liver transplant.
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