Endoleaks treated with Interventional Radiology

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The technique used to correct the widened and the bulged area in a blood vessel is called endovascular aneurysm repair.
Endoleaks are a complication that is a result of an aneurysm repair procedure. Due to this condition, your blood leaks in the aneurysmal sac. Well, this condition is dangerous as it can cause your aneurysm to become large, and even lead to bursting of the inflicted blood vessel. The Endoleaks can be of five different types and can exist in 25% of the patients.
The five types of Endoleaks:
Type I: there is a leak at graft ends
Type II: there is sac filling through the branch vessel
Type III: there is a leak through a defect in the graft fabric
Type IV: this is a generally porous graft
Type V: Endotension

The person who is suffering from endoleaks may not even know about it because, usually, you do not feel any kind of symptoms. If a person who has gone through an endovascular aneurysm repair experiences an expansion of the aneurysm, there should be a proper investigation to know the reasons and consequences of the aneurysm enlargement.
If you are a person who has gone through an aortic aneurysm repair, you may need to have lifelong medical imaging surveillance to make sure the condition does not occur again. There many imaging techniques that can be used to detect the Endoleaks.
The kind of method which will be the best for the treatment of endoleaks is determined by examining the characteristics of the endoleak and the extent of the patient’s ability to undergo a surgical repair. If surgical repair is possible, invasive procedures involving the introduction of an object in the body have become the best option. These invasive treatment procedures also help in repairing the endoleak, so that there will be no flow of blood in the aneurysm.
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