Gastroduodenal outlet obstruction treated with Interventional Radiology

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Gastroduodenal outlet obstruction

Gastroduodenal outlet obstruction happens when there is a blockage in the outlet of the stomach, which prevents the stomach from emptying itself. The reason behind this condition is mainly related to cancer affecting the small intestine or the stomach. However, there can be other reasons associated with its occurrence as well. The most common cancer types which may be present in the target areas are pancreatic and gastric cancers.

Vomiting and nausea can be one of the symptoms experienced by the patient suffering from Gastroduodenal outlet obstruction. There can be other symptoms like weight loss and abdominal pain. If you have any of these conditions, they can shorten your life span.
Many other conditions have the same symptoms as Gastroduodenal outlet obstruction. Thus, it will be very difficult to diagnose this condition in the first go. Still, the medical visualization techniques can help the doctor to identify a Gastroduodenal outlet obstruction. Such useful medical imaging techniques can be MRI, CT and endoscopy.
If the person has this condition, the doctor can treat them with interventional radiology or surgery. The selection of these two invasive methods depends on the situation of the patient. There are many scenarios in which you cannot perform surgery to remove the obstruction. However, a doctor can use a surgical bypass as a possible treatment. The gastroduodenal obstruction is linked with high mortality rates and morbidity.
Your other treatment options can be interventional procedures. If you are a patient who is suffering from an obstruction that is cancerous and cannot be removed via surgery, the possible treatment is the stents placed through a gullet. Stents can be a good alternative to surgery as they are minimally invasive and safer. These processes involve the use of fluoroscopic guidance only. There can also be a combination of fluoroscopic guidance with endoscopic guidance.
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