Obstructive uropathy treated with Interventional Radiology

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Obstructive uropathy

Urine is produced by your kidneys and is delivered to the bladder by the ureters, so it can exit the body. When a certain factor leads to the blockage in the exit path of the urine in the ureters, the urine will start to go upwards. If urine starts to move up with greater pressure, it will damage the kidney ultimately. The condition in which the exit path of urine gets blocked and results in a backward flow of urine is termed as obstructive uropathy. This condition can be developed during your life, or you may be born with it.


The symptoms of this condition can be blood in urine, infections, and back pain under the ribs. The nauseous can also be a symptom that your kidneys have stopped working properly.


The first diagnostic testing of this condition is done by ultrasound. If the blockage is due to the presence of stones in your kidney or bladder, the doctor may even suggest the patient get a CT without dye or X-ray to diagnose the condition. If the CT is with the dye, it could also be used to diagnose other conditions like a tumor. Nuclear medicine and MRI are usually used to diagnose obstructive uropathy.
The reason why you are having obstructive uropathy will define the treatment you should have. If the condition of the blockage is very serious, and your kidney health is also in a dangerous condition, the blockage will be extracted from the skin by using a tube. The tube is inserted into your ureter to drain the urine, and this process is called nephrostomy.
In some of the cases, the blockage can be freed through the bladder and urethra. The stones can be removed through surgery and removed from over the skin through the bladder. If you are a patient who is suffering from a tumor, you may need to have surgery or radiation to free the blockage.
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