Spinal canal stenosis treated with Interventional Radiology

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Spinal canal stenosis

Spinal canal stenosis is a disease which affects the people whose ages are above 50 years old. Due to this condition, the patients will experience intermittent neurogenic claudication and disabling pain. It also means that the patient suffering from this condition may experience leg pain regularly, which happens due to the inflamed nerves.
In this condition, one of the canals in the lower back will start to narrow. This may be due to progressive hypertrophy, which means there is an increase in the volume of the surrounding bone, ligaments or cartilage. There may also be compression of vessels or nerves in the spinal canal.


Spinal canal stenosis is a generative disease in which there is intermittent neurogenic claudication and disabling pain. If the person is suffering from this condition, they may feel pain when they are standing but they will be relieved by sitting.


There are many ways to diagnose this disease. Your doctor may ask for medical history and even examine you clinically. He may also use medical imaging techniques like MRI or CT, X-ray to diagnose Spinal canal stenosis.
The first treatment for this disease in many cases, will be conservative treatment options like physical therapy, vertebral fractures, or brace support for instability. Primary treatment options will also include epidural steroid injections and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce pain and inflammation.
There are many minimally invasive therapies available to treat the spinal canal stenosis. One such treatment is the percutaneous interspinous treatment in which spacers are implanted so that the affected area can be expanded. The success rate of this process is 75% and it is measured by the reduction of pain experienced. If any of these treatment options are not a success, then you should have a surgery to treat Spinal canal stenosis.
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