Varicose veins treated with Interventional Radiology

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Varicose veins

Veins carry de-oxygenated blood back to the heart. Due to the muscle activity of the heart and other organs, the blood is pushed slowly and the valves prevent the blood from flowing backward. The valves, sometimes, stop functioning due to the old age. It can cause the blood to pool and the veins to turn in to lumpy knots. When the veins become congested and swollen, they are known as varicose veins.

These veins are usually very painful and hard to watch, but they are not life-threatening. However, if you do not treat them in time, these veins can become very complicated and can be a cause of some serious situations like leg ulcers and inflammation.

These veins are not the same as the spider or thread veins. Spider or thread veins are also hard to watch, but they are smaller and close to the surface of the skin.


Varicose veins are usually red or dark blue and can be seen as twisted and swollen. There could be some patients who may not have any symptoms, but they may feel a sense of heaviness, burning pain, itching, and swelling. If you sit or stand for a long time, the symptoms can become worse. If the case of a patient is serious, he may experience sores, inflammation, color changes, scaling, thinning, and skin changes, including dryness.


A physical examination can be done by the doctor to diagnose the condition, along with your medical history. The doctor may use Duplex Doppler ultrasound, a non-invasive diagnostic test, to evaluate the vein further.
 The swelling and the pain which are due to the varicose veins can be decreased by applying bandages or support stockings. If these treatments do not work, and the condition is more serious, there are other methods available as well. There are some options like usage of laser or high-frequency sound waves in a minimally invasive process. The option of surgical removal is also available
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